Example Persona: Alisa Ackerman


Name: Alisa Ackerman

Age: 32

Gender: woman

Ethnicity: English

Location: Oxford, England

Education: Bachelors in Computer Science, University of Essex

Marital status: single

Occupation: video game developer with Rebellion Developments

Personal background: Alisa works full time on Sniper Elite 4 for Rebellion. Before work she catches up on her favorite subreddits, gaming and tech blogs. When not coding Alisa may be chatting over irc with other devs or playing a MMO with friends (she likes counter-strike a lot). She has a dog, but otherwise lives alone in a one-bedroom apartment. Alisa has many friends who often come over and work on projects or game with her.

Technology comfort level: Alisa has been spending most of her time on computers for over a decade. She is very comfortable with learning new tech skills. She runs windows for work, but has just started to dual boots with a Fedora Linux partition on her laptop.

Motivations: Alisa is trying to learn the Linux ecosystem. She has noticed gaming platforms beginning to develop for Linux and wants Rebellion to be able to break into the open source arena when possible.

Goals: Alisa will be trying to get feel for all of the differences between GNOME applications the Windows versions she has grown accustomed to. She wants to use GIMP and Blender to make models for her games.

Alisa is a fairly busy person. She works hard as a developer and when she’s home working on her laptop the last thing she wants is to have a challenging or frustrating time. She wants an intuitive and fluid experience while managing her work space.

2 thoughts on “Example Persona: Alisa Ackerman

  1. Great sample persona! I feel that I know a fair bit about Alisa. She is an experienced, technical user who comes from the Windows perspective, and is experiencing GNOME for the first time. Alisa is thinking about GIMP and Blender as applications she’d like to learn.

    To me, this is a very realistic persona and probably represents a fair number of new GNOME users. Good job!

  2. Also, your sample persona is well laid out. You essentially use a “table” format, although formatted a little differently (tables are awkward in blogs). Usability.gov suggests the “table” format is “Best for designers who need an easy way to compare designs to user needs” and I agree. If you need to compare a set of sample personas, the table makes it easy to scan the list. If you don’t need much detail, you can “sketch out” a few sample personas for what they call a “Quick and Dirty” approach, and I’ve used that method too.

    Usability.gov has a similar “table” formatted sample persona here:

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