Persona 2


Name: Alex Rivera

Age: 22

Gender: non-binary

Location: Butte Montana

Occupation: Student of Chemistry, Montana Tech

Personal Background:  Alex is a first year Chem student.  They grew up in rural Montana and are enjoying the college experience after working for a few years in retail.  Alex has high aspirations of working for the CDC when they complete their studies.   Alex’s hobbies include roller derby and creative writing.  They maintain a blog where they post short stories and book reviews.

Technology Comfort Level: Alex is an average user.  They’re competent with everyday user tasks on their Linux machine, but aren’t looking to spend a ton of time on the command line or learning new applications.  In addition to a laptop running Debian, Alex has a smartphone and tablet, both running Android OS.

Goals: Alex chose to run Debian because it is the official OS for their school computers.  They are used to the layout and programs and feel it is the simplest choice for them.  Alex’s goal is to complete course work in a timely manner.  This semester they’re taking a Physics course that requires they run Step (simulation software).


One thought on “Persona 2

  1. Great sample persona! Alex is a current Linux user with what I perceive as “casual” experience (not a developer, not a gamer, not poking around – just using Linux). They are a good persona that probably represents a number of people who use Linux.

    For comparison, from my own experience: For several years in grad school, my wife ran a Windows XP laptop. When Windows and Office kept failing on her (while writing her thesis – not a good time to fail!) she asked me to install Linux on her laptop. And for many, many years after that, her experience matched very closely to what you write about Alex: not a developer, not a gamer, not poking around – just using Linux to browse the web, do email, write articles in OpenOffice (later, LibreOffice). My wife never opened a terminal window. She just wanted to use the applications.

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